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Hair Replacement Surgery Basics

Why go for a hair replacement surgery?

The very basic reason for a hair replacement surgery is discomfort with your looks caused due to hair loss. Hair loss occurs for different reasons like ageing, hormonal changes or family history of baldness passed on to you. At times hair loss can be caused due to accidental burns. Hair loss replacement surgery makes use of the existing hair of the patient and transfers them to areas that have less or absolutely no hair and is a proven method to cure hair loss.

Most people believe that baldness is an after effect of poor blood circulation, vitamin deficiencies, wearing helmet, etc which is a false belief. Being a male itself is enough reason for hair loss and the reason of baldness for women is due to the phenomenon of male pattern baldness in them.

If you are at a stage of hair loss where your doctor believes that a hair replacement surgery is your ultimate option to prevent any further hair loss then you must go for it. Before getting a hair transplant surgery done, discuss your expectations with regards to your looks - how you want your hair to look after the hair loss replacement surgery or what is your ideal hair style, etc with your surgeon.

You don't have to wait for all your hair to be lost before going for a hair transplant surgery. Infact it is not advisable to wait for too long but human hair patterns are diverse before the age of thirty. Ideally you need to wait till your thirties to go in for a hair replacement surgery since your hair patterns would get stabilized by then for the surgeon to take any action. Your donor hair site may not yet be well established when you are young which will make the procedure a little conservative. Haste will make waste here; try other hair loss measures till then and get a hair replacement surgery done when it's the right time. The hair loss replacement surgery procedure seems lengthy and requires a lot of patience but at the end it is worth the wait.

If you are still skeptical about this whole hair replacement thing seek advice from a few doctors who have experience in this field. Talk out for the possible risk factors involving this hair replacement surgery procedure. All types of surgeries carry certain amount of risk but hair replacement surgery is normally considered safe when operated by an experienced surgeon. Infections are possible and it depends on individual person's healing capacities to determine the final outcome. Possible problems that might occur are excess bleeding, infection, wide scars, patches, etc. When the doctor is discussing your medical history make sure you inform him if you smoke, take any drugs or undergoing any other medical treatment simultaneously, especially aspirin or other medicines that affect blood clotting. Don't hesitate to ask any queries that might come in your head. Keep your head cool and if any doubts just ask the doctor. This will ease out the procedure both for you and your doctor.

Plan your surgery in such a way that you could get some rest for a day or two once it is over since swelling often occurs around the forehead, scalp and eyes. You would receive a set of instructions from your doctor regarding the dos and don'ts after a surgery; make sure you follow it strictly.

Lastly bear in mind that the hair replacement surgery is a means to give you thicker hair. Expecting it to do other miracles like transform your attitude or imbibe higher energy levels within you would be a false notion. This is not going to alter other's outlook towards you just because you have a better personality. This should definitely make you confident as regards to your looks but do not expect anything more than that. If you understand this basic rule before entering the surgery room you would definitely come out of it totally satisfied with your new hair look.

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